The first time I heard the song titled “Dream small” by Josh Wilson, I was vexed in my spirit. These words are contrary to everything I heard as a child and to what has socialized my adulthood. You dream big… the sky is the limit.

The more I have listened to the song and as I reflect on the words today, I see the truths in the lyrics. As a type A overachiever, I have very big dreams and on my way to achieving these big dreams, I have experienced many incredible things: things that would be for others, the proverbial dream come true. However, with my eyes set on bigger things, I rarely stop to smell the roses. Sometimes, my gratitu-do-meter falls short as far as these incredible things are concerned.

The ten lepers had their sights set on the big dream: getting to the temple to show themselves to the priest. Only one took the time to appreciate the small steps that were to become that big dream… and because he returned to say thanks, he enjoyed a fuller life.

Life is amazing; each day is a rare gift with none unparalleled! Today, I am grateful for the small and even mundane things. Thank you Lord for the small steps; thanks for the incredible things that have happened in my life so far… and thanks for the big dream.

A glorious birthday to me…

Yours truly.